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Design and Analysis of Sample Surveys

Graduate Level Class. Spring 2015.  TA for professor Andrew Gelman

The course is about how to design and analyze surveys, with a particular focus on public opinion polls and models for adjusting sample to population.

Syllabus is available here: surveys_course_outline (6).


Scope and Methods

Undergraduate Level Class. Fall 2013, Fall 2014. TA for professor Daniel Corstange

The class aims to introduce students to the logic of research design and social scientific inquiry. This class introduces students to a medley of different methods to conduct social scientific research with a focus on quantitative methodology. The class includes introduction to programming in R.

Syllabus is available here: syllabus_scope and methods2014


Post-Soviet States and Markets 

Graduate Level Class. Spring 2014. TA for professor Timothy Frye

The course is designed primarily to help students develop tools for interpreting and understanding economic and political events in the post-Soviet region. The course introduces students to the major debates on economic and political reform.

The syllabus is available here: post-Soviet Syllabus



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